January 10, 2018

Apply now for OCEANDOTCOMM: a collaborative, storytelling, social media event

Posted by Laura Guertin

I’ve been attending scientific conferences since I was a graduate student. The formats of the conferences do not vary much from organization to organization – talks, posters, panels… you know the drill. But for me, it’s not enough. I’ve blogged about a new meeting format and using something like LiveNote app for conference plenaries. I’m always on the lookout for a new type of conference, a new way to share and engage. So imagine my surprise when I heard about this…


Below is the description of OCEANDOTCOMM:

OCEANDOTCOMM is a collaborative, storytelling, social media event hosted by the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON). This multi-day, residential event is geared toward science communicators from any background that want to innovate new models in science communication and be part of the greatest science narratives ever told.

LUMCON is inviting the most energetic and dedicated science communicators using social media from all over the globe to converge in southern Louisiana for 4 days to tell a story like one has never been told before. This groundbreaking event will be the opportunity every science communicator has dreamed about. LUMCON is dedicating all of its staff, facilities, research vessels, and community connections to this event. Participants in science communication will combine their diverse backgrounds of mediums and methods to reach broad audiences through social media and popular science outlets.

Eager to be a part of something different (and to connect with my inner marine geologist), and after viewing the meeting agenda, I applied. And if the acceptance letter is any indication of the type of event this will be, I cannot wait for the gathering to begin!

The deadline to apply is February 1st, and applications are evaluated as they are submitted through their website. I hope to see you and be a part of something unique in Louisiana! (look for blog posts in March from the event!)