December 15, 2013

Google Street View of Antarctica

Posted by Dr. Laura Guertin

I have been at the American Geophysical Union conference this past week in San Francisco, attending amazing technical sessions and being overwhelmed with all the latest and greatest discoveries in Earth and space science.  I tried to keep up with the announcements coming through on my Twitter feed, and one tweet that was not conference-related caught my eye that I just had to “Favorite” and go back and check out:

If you are not up to speed with Google Street View, I encourage you to check out their About Street View page.  There have been so many great additions to Street View, especially the Street View Treks that are bringing us to areas where cars cannot go.

Google Street View has special collections, such as virtual tours of National Parks (see Abbey Dufoe‘s post about this), the oceans, and now, Antarctica!  I wonder how many virtual fieldtrips I can pack in to a semester with my students….

The Antarctica Street View will make a nice addition to existing Shackleton resources online, such as: