November 15, 2010

Ning misses me

Posted by Dr. Laura Guertin

Apparently, Ning is 75,000+ customers strong but is still missing me, according to an email message I just received from them.  In Fall 2009, I taught my EARTH 101 course in a blended format and used Ning for the online transmission of content and platform for student engagement (sorry, ANGEL).  I really liked using Ning.  I was concerned the students would not be accepting of a new course website, especially when Penn State provides and supports ANGEL as its course management system.  But the students had no problem getting online, accessing the course material, and engaging with each other on team discussion boards (it is the discussion board format in ANGEL that I am not pleased with).

Why did I stop using Ning?  Because I didn’t want to start paying for a course website.  Once the monthly fees came about, that’s when I pulled out.  Although the way I structured my Ning course with audio, video, photos, and discussion boards, I don’t feel that I need to pay for these features.

Yes, Ning, I miss you too, but not enough to start paying for the technology.