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13 October 2020

The role of mycorrhizal fungi in preventing landslides

An interesting short article points out that mycorrhizal fungi may play a key in reducing the susceptibility to landslides


31 January 2020

Do trees make slopes more stable?

A new study (Lan et al 2020) explores whether planting trees increases slope stability. Spoiler alert: in general they do on lower angled slopes, but on steep slopes they can reduce stability.


23 March 2018

The Bosque’s Broken Heart: The Future of the Rio Grande Cottonwood

People use this forest for recreation, education, and for some it even has spiritual meaning. The cottonwood tree, specifically is held sacred in many tribes of the southwest.


16 December 2016

How do you track the mass of a tree over time? Watch it move.

Dancing trees may be able to teach scientists about tree health during a drought, according to a new study.


18 December 2015

Rainforests not so rainy: Cutting trees cuts rainfall

Deforestation threatens to upset the delicate water balance within the Amazon rainforest by altering not just ground cover but patterns of rainfall overhead, according to a new study.

Previous research has shown that during the dry season, areas of the Amazon cleared for cattle grazing get more rainfall than the surrounding forest. But most of this research was conducted in the 1980s, when the Amazon was deforested in small patches only a few kilometers wide, said Jaya Khanna, a researcher at Princeton University and lead author of the new study. Khanna’s is the first long-term study of the effects of deforestation on precipitation in the Amazon. Her results, presented at the 2015 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, show that rainfall patterns in cleared areas today are vastly different from those in the 1980s.