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22 April 2021

Big change on a big landscape

The Alsek, a world-class rafting river that flows into the Gulf of Alaska from its headwaters in Canada, may soon abandon the lower part of its drainage for a steeper one 15 miles away. The re-route will be due to the extreme melt of Grand Plateau Glacier, which acts like a cork that prevents the Alsek from following a faster path to the sea.


20 March 2020

Sinking ships to stop erosion

Sinking ships to stop erosion: the banks of the River Severn in England have been protected from landslides by sinking disused barges, creating a graveyard of old vessels


20 February 2020

Hardin County: a dramatic landslide in Tennessee

Two houses were destroyed in a rainfall induced landslide on a steep bluff at Hardin County in Tennessee on 15 February 2020


9 July 2019

Scientists Tackle Grand Challenges In the Earth and Space Sciences In New Special Centennial-Themed Collection

One hundred years ago when AGU was founded there were still large unmapped places on our planet and the idea of a person stepping on the moon was a dream. Discovery and wonder have characterized the last 100 years of science as we learned the plates shift, the climate changes, and scientists are studying the Moon, Mars, and beyond in detail. Our species now has a global view of how …


10 October 2018

Smoke from wildfires has cooling effect on water temperatures

Smoke generated by wildfires can cool river and stream water temperatures by reducing solar radiation and cooling air temperatures, according to a new study in California’s Klamath River Basin. A new study published in Water Resources Research, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, suggests smoke-induced cooling has the potential to benefit aquatic species that require cool water to survive because high summer water temperatures are a major factor contributing to population declines, and wildfires are more likely to occur during the warmest and driest time of year.  


15 January 2016

Wolhusen: an interesting river-blocking rockfall in Switzerland

On Monday night a large rockfall in Wolhusen blocked the Keine Emme river, causing a flood through a local industrial park. Estimated damage is US$1 million