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27 October 2021

The cost of mitigating slope safety risk for Welsh coal waste tips

Yesterday the Welsh Government released the results of an analysis of coal waste tips across South Wales. A total of 2,456 tips have been identified, of which 327 have been determined to have the potential to cause risk to safety.


16 October 2019

Landslide risk management in Rio de Janeiro

A review of the extensive early warning system used to manage landslide risk in the favellas of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, a city that faces multiple landslide hazards


3 November 2017

Managing the hazards in Franz Josef, New Zealand

A new report analyses options for managing the hazards in Franz Josef in New Zealand. It concludes that: “Do nothing is not an option”


3 October 2017

Murchison Hut: an interesting landslide problem in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park

Murchison Hut: a skiers and climbers refuge closed by a large, progressive rockslide in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park in South Island, New Zealand


24 April 2017

The Wellington earthquake landslide problem

A few days ago a newspaper in New Zealand highlighted the potential Wellington earthquake landslide problem. Research is ongoing into this key issue


16 January 2017

Future shock – the failure to learn from the 2015 earthquake in Nepal

To mark National Earthquake Day, the Nepal Times has a series of articles entitled Future Shock that examines the failure to learn from the 2015 earthquake


15 December 2016

On the difference between prediction and foresight in landslide hazard assessment

The assessment of the likely future behaviour of a slope is very difficult. Whilst prediction of behaviour may be impossible, it can often be foreseen


11 October 2016

The Sucun landslide: missed opportunities to protect the village

The Sixth Tone has published two articles evaluating the missed opportunities to prevent the Sucun landslide disaster in China, which killed 27 people last week


28 September 2016

Rizhao rockslide: a narrow escape in a new public park in Shandong, China

On Saturday a large rockslide occurred at a brand new public park in Rizhao in Shandong, eastern China. The event appears to have been a lucky escape.


19 July 2016

The Aranayake landslide disaster in Sri Lanka – a JICA report

The Aranayake landslide disaster in Sri Lanka JICA has now posted a report online (NB it’s a PDF) providing the initial results of an investigation of the May 2016 Aranayake landslide disaster in Sri Lanka, which killed 127 people. This is a complex landslide – the image below from the report provides the best overview of the whole of the landslide, from the small failure at the crown to the …


20 May 2016

The GFDRR ThinkHazard! tool

Yesterday the GFDRR launched its new ThinkHazard! tool, intended to provide high level mapping and advice on the likelihood of natural hazards in poor countries


24 March 2016

The Yale Himalaya Initiative landslide hazard map for Nepal

The Yale Himalaya Initiative has generated a landslide hazard map for Nepal. it is very unclear as to what this map is actually showing.


16 October 2014

The Ebola Outbreak Is Proof That We Humans Are Terrible at Evaluating Risk

There are at least 5,000 dead of Ebola in Africa and it is a real human tragedy no doubt, but when I turned on CNN Tuesday to get the latest on what is happening there, I ended up watching nearly two hours of news about two patients who have contracted the disease in America. They are still alive, and hopefully with good care will beat the disease, but I must …


19 November 2013

The dilemma of earthquake retrofitting

The Los Angeles Times in October went on a bit of a crusade against lagging earthquake preparations in their quake-threatened home town. They have published a series of exposés investigating the lack of public awareness and the governmental inaction regarding building safety in the aging metropolis of L.A. “Concrete Risks” is indeed an illuminating piece, publicizing the fairly alarming prevalence of dangerous, quake-prone construction throughout a city that’s doomed to …