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27 January 2020

Should We Continue To Show Weather Radar To The Public on TV/Online?

I bet that headline got your attention, didn’t it? Before we go on, I’ll state up front that I think the answer is yes, but there is actually a decent argument to be made otherwise. When a cub TV reporter walked into the Weather Bureau office in Galveston, Texas on a muggy summer day in 1961, he saw something that few people had ever seen, a live weather radar image …


13 February 2019

Pre-failure movement analysis of the Su Village (Sucun) landslide in China

A new paper published in Landslides examines movement of the Su Village (Sucun) landslide in China, which killed 27 people in 2016, using InSAR techniques


24 May 2018

Subglacial valleys and mountain ranges discovered near South Pole

Extensive ice-penetrating radar data reveal three vast valleys under glaciers in West Antarctica. These valleys could be important in the future as they help to channel the flow of ice from the center of the continent towards the coast.


8 February 2018

Predicting failure using ground-based radar and INSAR

In a new paper in Engineering Geology, Carla et al (2018) demonstrate how a combination of ground-based radar and INSAR could have been used to predict a major landslide in a copper mine


17 November 2017

Detecting landslide precursors from space

Review of a paper:- detecting landslide precursors from space: the use of Sentinel images to interpret the Maoxian landslide in June 2017


28 October 2015

NOAA Partners with Amazon To Make Real Time and Historical Radar Data Available.

In many countries (like the UK/France or Italy), this kind of data would cost you a ton of money. Here in the U.S. our weather data is very cheap. Check out the press release from NOAA today below: Partnering with Amazon Web Services on Big Data This visualization, created with NEXRAD Level II data, depicts Hurricane Katrina as it made landfall in 2005. On October 27, 2015, Amazon Web Services(link …


7 July 2013

Bats On The Radar Scope

Meteorologist Brett Collar noticed these strange circles on the radar Saturday night in San Antonio,TX. See the ghostly circles?? Is it HAARP? Is it chemtrails?? No, it’s bats. Somehow, I suspect the truth will not cut it for the tinfoil hat crowd!