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21 January 2018

Visitors to Our National Parks Deserve the Unvarnished Truth about History and Science

Note: The following is a guest post by Brian Ettling. It’s from his own blog, and I’m indebted to him for allowing me to share it here. I met Brian briefly at the AGU Science meeting in San Francisco a few years ago, and what he has to say is important. “A man or woman could hardly ask for a better way to make a living than as a seasonal …


13 June 2017

Don’t forget to comment on the Antiquities Act Monuments

Everyone will have their own reasons for wanting to protect these public lands, from political to personal. The key is to not keep your passion for these national monuments to yourself. Our opinions need to be heard in DC, and several organizations have created very simple electronic interfaces for us.


25 January 2017

Smokey Goes Rogue!

There are some strange things happening on the National Park Service Twitter accounts. It seems that someone posted factual information about climate change on the Twitter account for Badlands National Park  (South Dakota) on Tuesday, but the tweets were deleted. Not, however, before being captured and spread worldwide to an even larger audience than would have ever noticed them: The data is not the issue here since it’s spot on, …


22 July 2015

Be sure to #FindYourPark for the National Park Service Centennial

The National Park Service has kicked off a year-long celebration, building up to its 100th birthday in 2016. NPS is encouraging everyone to get out and #FindYourPark!