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5 July 2022

The Tupul landslide: understanding the site

The Tupul landslide: archive Google Earth images provide interesting clues as to the causes of the tragedy that killed at least 47 people.


16 May 2022

Assam: damaging landslides at the start of the monsoon

Damaging landslides have occurred as a result of heavy rainfall in Assam state in the northeast of India over the weekend.


20 October 2021

A very late sting in the tail of the South Asian monsoon

Very unusual late monsoon rainfall has had devastating impacts on South Asia in the last few days, with many deaths from landslides and floods in both India and Nepal. Parts of Nepal recorded over 500 mm of rainfall in 48 hours.


18 October 2021

Multiple fatal landslides in Kerala, India

Heavy rainfall in Kerala, SW India, since Friday has triggered landslides and floods that have killed at least 26 people.


13 August 2021

Nalda: a valley-blocking landslide in Himachal Pradesh, India

Nalda: a valley-blocking landslide in Himachal Pradesh, India This morning (Friday 13 August 2021) a major landslide occurred near to the village of Nalda, in Lahaul and Spiti district in Himachal Pradesh, northern India, blocking the Chenab River.  The landslide event itself was captured in a video that has been posted to Youtube: [embed_video width=”800″ height=”600″][/embed_video] . The landslide has left a large barrier across the Chenab River close to …


5 August 2021

Understanding the recent monsoon landslides in Maharashtra, India

Understanding the recent monsoon landslides in Maharashtra, India, which killed at least 100 people in July 2021.


27 July 2021

The disastrous Taliye village landslide in Maharashtra, India

The disastrous 22 July 2021 Taliye village landslide in Maharashtra, India, which is believed to have killed 84 people.


19 July 2021

Mumbai: at least 29 fatalities in monsoon landslides

In the last 24 hours at least 29 people have been killed by landslides triggered by intense monsoon rainfall in Mumbai, India


9 July 2021

A very disruptive start to the summer monsoon in Nepal

The start of the 2021 summer monsoon in Nepal has brought unusual levels of rainfall. So far at least 27 people have been killed in landslides


2 July 2021

The cause of the Melamchi disaster in Nepal

Satellite images collected by Planet Labs appear to confirm that a landslide dam was the cause of the 14 June 2021 Melamchi disaster in Nepal


7 June 2021

The South Asian monsoon in the time of a pandemic

The South Asian monsoon in the time of a pandemic: the impacts of the severe Covid-19 wave in India and Nepal mean that vulnerability of landslides is likely to be high.


15 April 2021

Changing rainfall patterns in the Indian monsoon with future warming

A new paper in the journal Earth System Dynamics suggests that future warming will drive an increase in rainfall in the Indian monsoon. This is likely to increase landslide impacts in the most seriously affected landslide region.


10 March 2021

The evolution of landslides after the 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha, Nepal earthquake

A new open access paper in the journal Progress in Disaster Science (Rosser et al. 2021) demonstrates that the number of landslides in W. and C. Nepal has increased since the 2015 Gorkha Earthquake.


19 February 2021

Trends in landslides and landslide losses in Nepal over three decades

New research (Muñoz-Torrero Manchado et al. 2021), published in Landslides, investigates trends in landslides and landslide losses in W. Nepal over three decades. It highlights the key role of human factors in determining patterns of loss


1 October 2020

An interesting video showing large-scale liquefaction in a landslide

An interesting video showing large-scale liquefaction in a landslide, reportedly in Shillong, northern India.


24 July 2020

The deadly start to the monsoon season in Nepal

The first few weeks of the SW monsoon in Nepal has seen large numbers of landslides. By 20 July the number of fatal landslides had already exceeded the average annual total for the last 15 years.


14 July 2020

Deadly monsoon-induced landslides in Nepal in the last few days

Over the last few days intense monsoon rainfall in Nepal has triggered a wave of landslides that have caused extensive loss of life and damage. 


23 September 2019

Kerala – the hungry rains

There is increasing concern about the impact of monsoon-induced landslides in Kerala in southwest India, resulting from poor land use management


16 September 2019

An update on landslides from the 2019 Northern Hemisphere monsoon season

A review of fatal landslides from the 2019 Northern Hemisphere summer monsoon suggests that the year has been significantly worse than the long term average


21 August 2019

The Kavalappara landslide in the western Ghats of India

At 7:30 pm on 8th August 2019 the large Kavalappara landslide in Wayanad District in India buried a small community, killing 59 people.