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29 November 2022

Cianjur: a deadly landslide from the 21 November 2022 West Java earthquake

Several landslides were triggered by the 21 November 2022 West Java earthquake in Indonesia. Reports indicate multiple fatalities.


29 March 2022

Mount Talakmau: landslides from the 25 February 2022 Sumatra Earthquake

An earthquake on 25 February 2022 triggered multiple landslides on the flanks of Mount Talakmau in west Sumatra, Indonesia.


12 July 2021

The cause of the Petobo landslide from the 28 September 2019 Palu-Donggala Indonesia earthquake

A new paper in Landslides explores the cause of the Petobo landslide from the 28 September 2019 Palu-Donggala Indonesia earthquake


6 April 2021

Mount Lewotolok and Adonara island: up to 168 people killed by lahars and debris flows in Indonesia

Two deadly landslides have occurred in Indonesia over the last few days. On the flanks of Mount Lewotolok up to 80 were killed in a lahar, whilst on Andonara island 69 people were killed and 19 are missing in a debris flow.


10 January 2021

Protecting the rescuers – a disastrous double landslide at Cihanjuang in Indonesia and a lucky escape in Italy

Cihanjuang, Indonesia & Bolzano, Italy: a tragedy in which rescuers were killed by a second landslide and a lucky escape in a rock slope failure on a hotel


17 March 2020

The catastrophic lahars from Mount Kelud in 1919

In 1919 a devastating eruption of Mount Kelud in Indonesia triggered massive lahars that killed 5,160 people on the flanks of the volcano


2 October 2019

Precursors to the Anak Krakatau flank collapse

A splendid new paper (Walter et al 2019) provides detailed analysis of the precursory behaviour leading up to the Anak Krakatau flank collapse in December 2018


24 September 2019

A new analysis of the deadly Anak Krakatau flank collapse

A paper (Williams et al. 2019) published in the journal Geology provides an analysis of the deadly 2018 Anak Krakatau flank collapse. Interestingly, the landslide was surprisingly small to have generated such a large tsunami.


10 April 2019

GEER report on the Palu landslides

GEER has published a report on the Palu-Donggala landslides, triggered by the 28 September 2018 Mw=7.5 Palu earthquake in Indonesia


19 March 2019

Sentani, Indonesia: at least 89 killed in rainfall induced debris flows

On Saturday, heavy rainfall in the Sentani area of Papua, Indonesia triggered landslides and debris flows that are known to have killed at least 89 people


19 February 2019

New on EarthArXiv: a first analysis of the flank failure of the Anak Krakatau volcano

A paper has recently been posted to EarthArXiv providing an analysis of the flank failure of Anak Krakatau on 22 Dec 2018, which generated a tsunami that killed 431 people.


3 January 2019

Anak Krakatau: Planet Labs imagery of the aftermath of the landslide

Anak Krakatau: @planetlabs have captured excellent imagery, including a high resolution SkySat view, of the aftermath of the landslide


2 January 2019

Sukabumi: an end of year landslide in Indonesia has killed up to 35 people

The village of Cimapag in Sukabumi, West Java was struck by a landslide, triggered by heavy rainfall on 31st December 2018, killing up to 35 people


29 December 2018

First visual satellite images of Anak Krakatau show the enormous extent of the landslide

The ESA Sentinel 2 satellite today caught an image of the remains of Anak Krakatau. A huge landslide scar is visible, profoundly changing the island


26 December 2018

The Anak Krakatau landslide and tsunami

Sentinel-1 imagery suggests that the landslide that triggered the tsunami on Anak Krakatau appears to have been a large-scale flank collapse. Unfortunately it is difficult to ascertain the current situation on the volcano


23 December 2018

Where to find information about the Krakatau collapse and tsunami

As yesterday was my blogiversary, I was planning to write a reflective post about what I’ve accomplished (or not) in the past year. However, with the recent events in Indonesia, I decided to hold off on the introspective and use my platform to help direct people to factual information about Krakatau and the landslide and eruptions it’s experienced in the past several days. A note to the news media: As …


20 December 2018

Surabaya, Indonesia: an impressive retaining wall failure

On Tuesday an impressive, large retaining wall failure destroyed a section of a four lane highway in Surabaya, East Java in Indonesia


19 October 2018

Landslide tsunamis from the Sulawesi earthquake

A new video has appeared on Youtube showing the multiple landslide tsunamis generated by the Sulawesi earthquake in Indonesia.


15 October 2018

Sigi Biromaru: terrifying footage of lateral spreading during the Sulawesi earthquake

Sigi Biromaru in Palu: extraordinary footage shows the development of complex lateral spreading during the Sulawesi earthquake


8 October 2018

The Palu landslides – the worst landslide disaster in five years?

The Palu landslides, triggered by the Sulawesi earthquake, may have been the worst mass movement event in terms of loss of life for five years