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8 October 2021

Multiple landslides in Þingeyjarsveit and in Kinnarfjöll in Iceland

Multiple shallow landslides have been triggered by heavy rainfall in recent days in Þingeyjarsveit and in Kinnarfjöll in Iceland.


7 October 2020

Eyjafordur (Eyjafirði): a large landslide in Iceland yesterday

A large, mobile landslide occurred in the Eyjafordur (Eyjafirði) area of northern Iceland yesterday, fortunately causing little damage.


5 August 2019

Icelandic glaciologist feels a weighty responsibility

Icelanders will soon install a plaque they hope people will read, long after those who bolted it to a mountain are dead. Near a withering glacier, the sign reads: Ok (Okjökull) is the first Icelandic glacier to lose its status as a glacier.


26 July 2018

Detail on the Fagraskógarfjall landslide from the Icelandic Met Office

Two articles on Icelandic Met Office website provide detail on the Fagraskógarfjall landslide. The slide, which was detected by the seismic network, had a source volume of about 7 million cubic metres and showed quite a high level of mobility


24 July 2018

Fagraskogarfjall landslide – a high resolution satellite image via Planet Labs

Planet Labs have captured a high resolution SkySat image of the Fagraskogarfjall landslide in Iceland. It shows the complex hummocky topography of the landslide deposit.


9 July 2018

Fagraskógarfjall: a very large landslide in Iceland on Saturday

On Saturday morning, a very large landslide detached from the Fagraskógarfjall massif in Iceland, travelling about 1.5 km over the valley floor. The landslide has blocked an important salmon river


22 November 2016

Serenity in blue

During my visit to Iceland, I got to visit glaciers up close and personal for the first time, and one of the places we stopped was at Jökulsárlón, the pro-glacial lagoon at the terminus of the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier.


22 October 2016

Ísland: Floods

When you bring together volcanoes and ice – as many places in Iceland do – you get floods. Specifically, they’re called jökulhlaups, which literally means “glacier run” but in reality means a glacial outburst flood. Originally the term was used for subglacial outburst floods from Vatnajökull ice cap, which covers the Grímsvötn and Öræfajökull volcanoes, but it’s come to mean any large, abrupt release of water from under a glacier or from a lake at the glacier front.


28 September 2016

Ísland: Volcanoes

If you’re a volcanologist – or really any geology buff who appreciates volcanoes – Iceland is flat-out paradise.


8 September 2016

Ísland: Rifts

Flying from the West Coast to Iceland doesn’t leave you a lot of time for sleeping, and neither does the prospect of standing on the on-land expression of a mid-ocean rift.


22 August 2014

10% of Iceland Closed as Concern Over Volcano Grows

Concern is increasing tonight that the Bararbunga (BOWR-Thar Boon-Ka) volcano may be getting ready to erupt. Earthquakes continue, and these type of quakes indicate that magma (Lava with high pressure gases) is moving beneath the volcano, which is much larger than the one that caused serious air travel disruptions a few years ago. Late today, Icelandic officials declared about 10% of Iceland off-limits, and is evacuating residents, hikers and campers …