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13 December 2018

AGU Poster Hall-Cryosphere Perspectives

The American Geophysical Union Fall meeting’s Cryosphere section continues to grow as seen in the Poster hall.  The poster hall is where most of the research is presented and is dominated by student work.  Here are some examples of this work. Erin McConnell, UMaine and others examined shallow ice cores from glaciers in the St. Elias Mountains of Canada’s Yukon as part of a project to reconstruct past climate variability …


31 May 2017

The Remarkable Things You See in Ice Cores-Like the Black Death

A new paper is out in the AGU journal GeoHealth and it shows something that is truly remarkable. Researchers looked at lead concentrations in an ice core from a glacier on the Swiss-Italy border. They wanted to know if there was a natural background of lead pollution and they pretty much got there answer. There is not. What’s remarkable though is how they found out: The Black Death. When the …