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8 July 2019

More WaterWords and videos from the Hunting Bubbles expedition

Five new posts from the Hunting Bubbles expedition.


1 July 2019

Cruise blog: Update on observing seafloor methane seeps at the edge of hydrate stability

Six new posts, including two videos, from the R/V Falkor on its cruise to seek out and study methane bubbles seeping out of the seafloor.


25 June 2019

Cruise blog: More observing seafloor methane seeps at the edge of hydrate stability

Six new blog posts from the continuing Hunting Bubbles research cruise.


4 April 2019

New deep-ocean videos and an artist-at-sea report

An abstract radiolarian sculpture visits the sea, and two video updates from scientists on the R/V Falkor.


19 March 2019

Research cruise log update: Guaymas Basin

Two videos and an oil painting from the current cruise of the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s R/V Falkor: Microbial mysteries — linking microbial communities and environmental drivers  


13 March 2019

Research cruise log: Guaymas Basin

Three new posts from the ongoing research cruise in the Guaymas Basin investigating links between microbial communities and environmental drivers.


8 March 2019

Mapping the early formation of the oceans

When I was a girl, we traveled to Puebla to visit my grandparents in a town near the Popocatépetl volcano. The fumaroles (smoke) scared me, so I studied the characteristics of the hills around me to find a safe place in case it blew up.


Big Pagoda Pools — Microbial Mysteries video update

This spectacular underwater volcano was just explored for the first time by scientists aboard the R/V Falkor. 2000 meters below the surface of the ocean, the “Big Pagoda” hydrothermal vent is massive: 30m tall and 23m wide.


4 March 2019

The discovery of Riftia

Greetings from Guaymas basin! My name is Jessica Mitchell and I am in my fifth year of working on my PhD at Harvard University with Dr. Peter Girguis. I study the microbial symbiosis between Riftia pachyptila and its bacterial ‘symbiont’ Candidatus Endoriftia Persephone.


Microbial mysteries: Week 1 video

“I don’t know exactly what we are going to find, but we are going to learn something incredible… This is the type of place where you can actually find something new in terms of metabolic diversity!”


1 March 2019

Gulf of California: Using radium isotopes to study hydrothermal flow dynamics

Hello everyone! My name is Charlotte Kollman and I am a graduate student in the Groundwater Discharge Measurement Facility at Coastal Carolina University. I am currently aboard the R/V Falkor in the Gulf of California with scientists from several different institutions, all with the shared goal of exploring the biological mysteries that abound here.


28 February 2019

Underway: Linking microbial Communities and evnironmental

After a very long and unanticipated delay, we are underway and headed towards the Guaymas Basin, located in middle of the Gulf of California. The Gulf of California, one of the most intriguing places I have worked, is home to deeply interesting and fascinating seafloor habitats.


18 January 2019

Costa Rican Deep Sea Connections: Hiking Up

Chief Scientist Erik Cordes is happy. The work on the seepage sites along the Costa Rican margin has taken less dive time than expected, and additionally, the team has been finding multiple new species.


9 January 2019

Costa Rican Deep Sea Connections: Familiar and Unknown

Just a few hours journey from the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the continental shelf ends. The Costa Rican shelf meets the continental slope, which is a drastically steep drop-off, suddenly going from relatively shallow water to an average of about 3500 meters of depth.


29 November 2018

Interdisciplinary Investigation of a New Hydrothermal Vent Field: It’s a wrap — Discoveries and new questions

Drawn to the mysteries of the Auka hydrothermal vent field, our interdisciplinary team of scientists arrived eager to explore a diverse and vibrant ecosystem thriving in an extreme environment of unique geochemistry. We were not disappointed.


28 November 2018

Interdisciplinary Investigation of a New Hydrothermal Vent Field: First impressions and old friends

First impressions do not always turn out to be right, but they stick with you. I remember my first impression of the Auka vent field when, using the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) submersible Doc Ricketts, we discovered this hydrothermal field on April 12, 2015.


27 November 2018

Interdisciplinary Investigation of a New Hydrothermal Vent Field: Wrap Up Video

The expedition wraps up with several notable successes and discoveries. Hear the researchers describe the highlights in their own words and check out some of the stunning biological and geological discoveries driven forward by advances in technology on this research cruise.


26 November 2018

Sources of power for the future

…as a little kid I dreamed of becoming an astronomer. The call always felt like the mesmerizing song of a mermaid. Little did I know that my path would take me so far – and yet so close – to my childhood dreams.


25 November 2018

Seafloor mapping and underwater vehicle localization

We have accurate maps of the moon, mars, and other planets – but we hardly know the layout beneath our own oceans. Creating maps of the seafloor allows us to understand better our planet and the life that inhabits these unexplored places.


23 November 2018

Covered in mud, but with a big grin

There are days you find yourself on a ship, at 2am, covered in mud. Those days you wonder, “How did I get here?” Then you realize what an amazing opportunity you have.