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3 June 2019

Loss of Arctic sea ice stokes summer heat waves in southern U.S.

Over the last 40 years, Arctic sea ice thickness, extent and volume have declined dramatically. Now, a new study finds a link between declining sea ice coverage in parts of the Canadian Arctic and an increasing incidence of summer heat waves across the southern United States.


20 December 2018

Northern Hemisphere heat waves covering more area than before

Heat waves in the Northern Hemisphere have gotten more expansive in recent decades, covering 25 percent more area now than they did in the 1970s, according to new research. A team of researchers from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, the University of Delaware and Stanford University analyzed 38 years of NASA climate and weather data and found the average size of a heat wave has grown by 50 percent over the entire Northern Hemisphere, including the ocean, and 25 percent over the Northern Hemisphere’s land. It’s the first study to examine how heat wave extent has increased over time on a global scale.


19 September 2018

September 2018: It’s Like Walking Around in A Dogs Mouth

I did a little research on just how incredibly uncomfortable the summer of 2018 has been in the Northeastern U.S. and the numbers are astounding. The graphs below show how many hours the dew point was above a certain level in different time periods. All months means total hours since Jan. 1st through Sept. 18th 2018.  NOTE For those who are shaky on what the dew point is, let me …


13 September 2018

The Blob hides in the deep

Fall is nearly here and, for most of us, that means the end of the summer heatwave. In the waters of British Columbia, however, the seasonal cycle is stuck. A marine heatwave began more than four years ago and new research suggests it won’t be disappearing anytime soon. Marine heatwaves are not new. But heatwaves are getting more intense and more frequent with a changing climate. Over the fall and winter of 2013 and 2014, satellites detected above normal temperatures in the surface waters of the northeast Pacific. At its peak, the mass of warm water—nicknamed “The Blob”—had water temperatures up to 3 °C warmer than normal and covered an area larger than Australia.


7 August 2018

The Right Answer To The Wrong Question

You’re standing at the South Pole marker at Amundsen-Scott Station, and someone asks “which direction is the South Pole Telescope from here?”  “Go north!”, is a correct answer to the wrong question! Here is another wrong question: Did climate change cause the recent Europe-wide heat wave? Did climate change cause Death Valley to have the hottest month ever reliably recorded on Earth? How about the California fires that are still burning (and …


New study predicts warming climate will drive thousands to ER for heat illness

Even under the most charitable climate scenario where emissions are restricted across the globe, ER visits for hyperthermia in the United States could still increase by 21,000 by 2050, costing up to $38 million according to a new study in GeoHealth.


19 June 2017

Fire & Rain, and Heat as Well.

Intense heat, with low humidity has led to a horrible catastrophe in Portugal. The hot and dry weather in Europe led to a firestorm in Portugal that killed at least 60 people. A strong upper level high pressure system will stay over the area tomorrow and little or no rain is in sight. This high pressure is bringing warm weather all the way into the UK with highs tomorrow in …


12 February 2017

Astonishing February Heat From Colorado to Oklahoma, and Into The High Arctic

Denver reached 80 degrees Friday, smashing their record high for the 10th of February by 9 degrees, but wait, there’s more. They also saw their hottest February temperature on record, and records there go back to 1872! Grant was President of the U.S. when temperature records began in Denver. Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, also saw their hottest February day on record. The heat shifted south into Oklahoma today and Oklahoma City smashed their …


12 August 2016

Brutal Heat For the Eastern Seaboard This Weekend.

A weekend of brutal heat is on the way, from here on Delmarva, to DC, and all the way to New York, with heat index values well above 100. Extreme humidity covers much of the Eastern half of the U.S. this Friday evening, and the high moisture content of the air is pushing heat index values into the danger range. The levels of water vapor in the atmosphere are also …


24 July 2016

The Heat, the Floods, and the Danger of Underestimating How to Handle it.

The NASA Terra satellite measurements of ground temps. in the early afternoon clearly show the heat, and the extra heat added by the urban concrete (and road systems) was clearly visible. On a day like today, large cities can be much hotter than the rural areas. Also, notice how the temps near the Delaware coast are hotter than inland in Delaware (and here on the Eastern Shore of Maryland). A …


17 July 2016

What Not To Do During The Heat Wave Next Week!

There is very high agreement in the medium range models this morning that an intense heat wave will build across the Eastern U.S. this coming week. It will begin in the Plains on Tuesday, and get much stronger by Wednesday, spreading highs above 100 into the Dakotas and Minnesota. It will then steadily shift eastward, reaching the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic by Friday, and over the weekend. The oceans globally (and …


12 July 2016

Extreme Heat Coming For Much of North America Next Week

The long range model guidance has been giving strong hints that some real heat is on the way next week, and it will cover a large portion of the U.S. and extend into Canada as well. Long range forecasting is best done by looking at an average of several different models and several different model runs over a few days and there seems to be very good agreement that well …


14 August 2015

The Ugly Side of August Arrives in The Northeast Next Week

Unlike much of the Plains and the Deep South, the summer has not been that hot across the mid-Atlantic and Northeast U.S. but next week is going to bring the ugly side of August to much of the region. The heat will likely make it all the way into Toronto and Montreal and affect millions of people. This same weather pattern a month ago would likely bring highs in the …


25 July 2014

Wildfire Smoke Reaches New York and Ontario

The wildfires from Washington and western/northern Canada continue to send a shroud of dense smoke to areas thousands of miles away. It’s been an almost autumn like afternoon over the Northeast U.S., and here in Maryland we have a deep blue sky with low humidity. No deep blue sky to our north however, where a dense layer of smoke covers southern Canada and New England. Below is the temperature anomalies …


10 July 2014

Mid-Summer Taste of Autumn Next Week? Probably!

What is going on? Is it the revenge of the polar vortex? Actually, it’s probably connected to Japanese Typhoon Neogori that at one time was packing 260 kph winds. It is moving into southern Japan now, but the global weather models all indicate that it will push a lot of warm and humid air into the high latitudes north of Japan. This will push the jet-stream northward, and the downstream …


17 July 2013

The Amazing Retrograding Low

It developed last Friday over Western Maryland, and brought 10 inches of rain to the coast of Delaware. Then it began to drift westward. This is not that unusual in the summertime, when an easterly wind can develop to the south of a strong upper ridge over North America. The easterly trade-winds form the same way, and steer tropical waves form the coast of Africa to the New World all …