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9 February 2014

…and In Other Science News This Weekend

NUCLEAR WINTER What are you seeing, and what does it have to with weather? Check out this post on the CIMMS Satellite blog from the Uni. of Wisconsin. WELL MADE POINT After last week’s (and the previous week’s) viral false rumor about an impending doomsday blizzard (see this post), the NWS in New York posted this graphic on Twitter Friday. It was welcomed by every real meteorologist (in TV or …


18 June 2013

GOES 13 Weather Satellite Hit By Micrometeoroid

The GOES 13 weather satellite problem a couple pf weeks ago was apparently caused by tiny meteorite travelling several kilometers per second. From the National Environmental Satellite Data Information Service (NESDIS to we meteorologists): NOAA returns a healthy GOES-13 to normal operations as GOES-East June 10, 2013 GOES-13 Satellite–Artist’s Rendering  NOAA today officially returned the GOES-13 spacecraft to normal operations, after tests showed a micrometeoroid, likely hit the arm for …