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21 December 2017

Rare Cloud Display Across Ohio and Indiana Thursday

You see those strange holes in the clouds across Indiana and Ohio? These are fallstreak holes or “hole punch” clouds, and they happen when aircraft fly through clouds of supercooled water. These clouds are well below 0° C, but the cloud droplets are still liquid (water will not always freeze into crystals of ice until the temperature reaches about -40° F/-40° C). If a few ice crystals are introduced, then a rapid …


13 March 2015

Fall Streaks On GOES Imagery

  Fall streaks are an amazing phenomena and when they happen, we meteorologists get inundated with calls from the public. We usually miss the calls because we are all out taking pics of them, and rarely conditions can be just right to see a lot of them.  This happened in West Virginia/Kentucky yesterday, and they were clearly visible in the visible GOES Satellite images as well. You can see them …