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28 November 2022

Casamicciola: drone footage of the deadly landslide at Ischia in Italy

Casamicciola: drone footage of the deadly landslide at Ischia in Italy, which is now known to have killed at least seven people.


21 October 2022

Novyi Svet: A large landslide in a landfill site in Russia

Novyi Svet: A large landslide in a landfill site in Russia On Thursday 20 October 2022 a large and notable landslide occurred at a landfill site in the village of Novyi Svet (Новый свет) in Gatchinsky, Russia (the village is at 59.559, 30.201).  Unsurprisingly in these troubled times this has not been reported in the western media, but it is an impressive failure. The Russian website has this image …


28 September 2022

The 1961 Kurenivka mudslide in Ukraine

On 13 March 1961 the Kurenivka mudslide killed up to 1,500 people in the city of Kyiv in Ukraine. Reports of the event were suppressed by the Soviet authorities,


25 July 2022

New peat landslides in Shetland (including a very interesting landslide video)

On 4 July 2022 a peat landslide occurred at the site of a windfarm under construction in Shetland, north Scotland.


5 May 2022

Malvik: an interesting landslide on the E6 highway in Norway

On Wednesday 4 May 2022 an interesting landslide occurred at a construction site on the E6 highway near to Malvik in Norway.


11 April 2022

Bedruthan Steps: another “face” in a landslide scar

Bedruthan Steps in Cornwall, England: another “face” in a landslide scar


31 March 2022

The mechanisms of the Derrybrien peatslide

An Environmental Impact Assessment published online details the mechanisms of failure of the 2003 Derrybrien peatslide in Ireland.


15 March 2022

A drone video of the B4069 Lyneham landslide

A drone video has been posted to Youtube showing the Lyneham landslide in S. England. It shows that construction work was underway in the field upslope of the section of road that failed.


25 February 2022

Lyneham – an interesting landslide from the south of England

Last week, a landslide disrupted the B4069 road at Lyneham in S. England. Initial analysis suggests this could be the reactivation of an ancient solifluction failure.


24 February 2022

The A57 Snake Pass – closed by three landslides

The A57 Snake Pass between Sheffield and Manchester in England has been closed for at least a month by three rainfall induced landslides.


22 February 2022

Increased landslide activity after low-magnitude earthquakes

A new study has found increased landslide activity in the months after the low-magnitude 2018 Molise earthquake in Italy


4 February 2022

The 1979 Nice Airport landslide and tsunami

On 16 October 1979 a landslide in fill at Nice airport triggered a massive submarine landslide and tsunami, which killed at least 8 people.


29 October 2021

The mobility of a rolling volcanic boulder

A remarkable video from the Cumbre Vieja eruption on La Palma shows the high level of mobility of an almost spherical boulder moving on a slope with few obstructions. Indiana Jones could face a greater hazard is Raiders of the Lost Ark is ever remade.


15 October 2021

Indications of landslides on Google Street View

The El Arrecife Landslide in Spain provides an excellent example of the way in which Google Street View can be used to help understand the movement of landslides that affect roads.


8 October 2021

Multiple landslides in Þingeyjarsveit and in Kinnarfjöll in Iceland

Multiple shallow landslides have been triggered by heavy rainfall in recent days in Þingeyjarsveit and in Kinnarfjöll in Iceland.


9 September 2021

Paimio: a very unusual landslide in Finland

Last week a very interesting and unusual landslide occurred close to the town of Paimio in Finland


4 August 2021

A rockfall video from the Couloir du Gypaète in France

A rockfall video from the Couloir du Gypaète in France, showing a very surprising trajectory of a rock block.


23 July 2021

Benbrack: another peat landslide in Ireland

Benbrack: a large peat landslide in West Cavan in the Republic of Ireland, triggered by heavy rainfall on 4 July 2021


16 July 2021

Inden: a river changing course, eroding an old channel and flooding an open cast mine

Inden: a river rediscovering a previous course and flooding an open cast coal mine The floods in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands this week have been truly catastrophic.  The same storm system also caused flash flooding in London.  It is likely that the this event will have triggered landslides, but we will need to wait to get more information when the priority is rescue and recovery.  There are suggestions that an …


13 July 2021

Diablerets: a very interesting video of a rock topple from the Swiss Alps

On Friday 9 July 2021 a rock topple was caught on video on the flanks of Le Dôme, a peak above Diablerets glacier in Switzerland