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21 May 2021

The Pietrafitta landslide: can traffic vibration cause a landslide to move?

The Pietrafitta landslide: a new paper published in Landslides (Guerriero et al. 2021) shows that traffic vibration can cause a landslide to move under certain circumstances


22 June 2020

The Old Fort landslide has reactivated – about 100 m of new movement

The Old Fort landslide in British Colombia has reactivated as a result of heavy rainfall. About 100 m of new movement has been recorded so far.


3 May 2019

Bajo Llojeta: a major landslide, with dramatic videos, in La Paz, Bolivia

Over the last few days, but primarily on 30th April 2019, a major landslide affected Bajo Llojeta in La Paz, Bolivia. This landslide was captured in a series of dramatic videos


8 March 2019

Hooskanadan Landslide in Oregon – an update on the Highway 101 earthflow near to Brookings

Hooskanadan Landslide in Oregon – an update on the earthflow near to Brookings in Oregon that has closed Highway 101 for a week


1 March 2019

US101 at Brookings: an interesting, disruptive landslide

On Tuesday, significant movement occurred on a large landslide in Oregon, closing the important US101 highway near to the coastal town of Brookings.


11 September 2017

A dramatic earthflow video from Dimye village in Tibet

An interesting earthflow was caught on video last week at Dimye in Tibet. It is currently unclear as to whether this was associated with permafrost loss


17 July 2017

Two new landslide videos from China: Liuzhou and Chamdo

Two dramatic new landslide videos have appeared online from China: a rapid earthflow in Liuzhou and a riverbank collapse from Chamdo


9 July 2017

The Willow Creek landslide: a large valley-blocking slide in Wyoming

The Willow Creek landslide is a large-valley blocking earth and mud flow that was discovered last week in the Wyoming Range in the USA


28 June 2017

New landslide video: a large slip causes panic in China

A video has appeared on Youtube and Liveleak showing a landslide that caused panic in mainland China in the last few days


9 June 2016

The response of Californian earthflows to drought

In a paper in Geophysical Research Letters, Georgie Bennett and colleagues have examined the response of Californian earthflows to the ongoing drought. They have found that the landslide have slowed markedly as conditions have become drier.


23 February 2016

Ropoto: a town in Greece lost to a landslide

In Greece the town of Ropoto has been abandoned due to the movement of a large landslide. Damage was 1st noticed in the 1960s, but the town was lost in 2012