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8 July 2022

11-Extinctions: Oddballs of the Triassic

Hans Sues is a fossil guy at the Smithsonian. Born in Germany, he has been all over the world finding and interpreting fossils for more than 40 years. His focus is on vertebrates – both in his professional work and his personal attachment to cats.


10 June 2022

7-Extinctions: Dinosaurs, a Big Rock, and…Climate Change?

When you hear the word “extinction,” chances are you probably think of the extinction of the dinosaurs and a big rock. But did you know that there were other factors at play that lead to that extinction including volcanos and sea-level rise?


15 May 2020

Dinosaurs striding across the land bridge

The recent discovery of the most complete dinosaur skeleton ever found in Japan suggests the duck-billed creatures once stomped across the Bering Land Bridge. The dinosaur found in Japan is very similar to Edmontosaurus, fossils of which have been found throughout Alaska. The creatures may have been more adaptable and widespread than caribou are today.


5 July 2019

Weird world of northern dinosaurs coming into focus

The mini tyrannosaur, duck-billed swamp-stompers, armor-headed planteaters and other dinosaurs found in northern Alaska hint of a story that is theirs alone. That tale is separate from the one we learned as kids, told by fossils found in Montana, Alberta, Mongolia and other more-exposed and easier-to-get-to places.


2 November 2017

Unique imaging of a dinosaur’s skulls tells evolutionary tale

How could paleontologists peer inside the skull of a 74-million-year-old tyrannosaur to determine the size of this bone-crusher’s brain and the layout of other features…without damaging this rare, stunning and toothy treasure?


17 January 2017

How darkness and cold killed the dinosaurs

Climate scientists have now reconstructed how tiny droplets of sulfuric acid formed high up in the air after a large asteroid impact 66 million years ago. The new research shows the sulfuric acid cooled Earth’s climate for years to come.


4 February 2015

Are dinosaurs going extinct in museums?

In case you missed the announcement last week, Dippy the Diplodocus is being moved out of the lobby of London’s Natural History Museum to make way for a blue whale. With the Smithsonian closing its Dinosaur Hall last year for a 5-year renovation, should we be concerned that dinosaurs are disappearing from museums?


8 August 2012

Introducing ChemRex!

I neglected to mention one important development from yesterday. On landing night, after I had finished freaking out about our successful safe landing, I noticed that fellow ChemCam post-doc Nina Lanza was wearing a very special ChemCam shirt with this on the front: As a big fan of lasers and dinosaurs (my favorite toys as a kid were DinoRiders), I had to ask about it. Apparently Nina had made an …