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27 October 2021

The cost of mitigating slope safety risk for Welsh coal waste tips

Yesterday the Welsh Government released the results of an analysis of coal waste tips across South Wales. A total of 2,456 tips have been identified, of which 327 have been determined to have the potential to cause risk to safety.


7 April 2021

The complex politics of managing coal waste tip stability in South Wales

The complex politics of managing coal waste tip stability in South Wales


5 April 2020

The 1935 colliery landslide in Cwmaman, South Wales

In 1935 a large colliery landslide came very close to causing major damage to Cwmaman in South Wales. An archive Pathe News report provides detail.


18 February 2020

Further information about the Tylorstown landslide

Images of the Tylorstown landslide show that it was a rotational landslide in coal waste that transitioned into a flowslide.


17 February 2020

Did South Wales suffer a coal waste landslide yesterday?

A significant landslide occurred at Tylorstown in South Wales yesterday. There are indications that this occurred at the site of a coal waste spoil tip.


26 October 2018

Study finds unexpected levels of bromine in power plant exhaust

Some coal-fired power plants in the United States emit gases that may produce harmful compounds in drinking water and can have significant effects on the atmosphere, according to new research. A new study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, finds unexpectedly high levels of reactive bromine-containing chemicals in plumes emitted by coal-fired power plants not using a particular type of exhaust-cleaning technology.


13 June 2017

The Amyntaiou lignite mine landslide in Greece: more information

More information has emerged about the 80 million cubic metre Amyntaiou landslide in a lignite mine in northern Greece on Saturday


12 June 2017

Anargyroi: an 80 million cubic metre mining-induced landslide in Greece this weekend

On Saturday, an 80 million cubic metre landslide occurred at Anargyroi in Greece as a result of the collapse of the slopes bordering a lignite mine


26 February 2017

Kakanj – an enormous mine waste landslide in Bosnia last Friday

On Friday an enormous landslide occurred in mine waste from the Kakanj coal mine in Bosnia, causing the evacuation of over 150 people.


19 October 2016

Aberfan: The National Coal Board failures part 2

The official Tribunal for the Aberfan disaster strongly criticised the National Board for their failure to manage water in the spoil tip that failed


18 December 2015

Policy changes in Mongolian capital could improve health, decreasing lives lost to air pollution

Exposure to dangerous contaminants in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia could increase by 10 percent or more by 2024, exacerbating health problems in one of the most polluted cities in the world, a new study finds.

Residents of Ulaanbaatar, the most populous city in Mongolia, rely heavily on coal to survive frigid winters in a valley where air pollution is easily trapped. Air pollution in Ulaanbaatar caused an estimated 1,250 premature deaths in 2014, according to Drew Hill, a graduate student in environmental health at the University of California, Berkeley. Hill was part of a research team that presented an air pollution and health report to the Mongolian Ministry of the Environment and Green Development in the summer of 2014.


9 July 2013

“Clean Coal” is Literally Killing 500 Million China Residents

An incredible paper today in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science (PNAS). The study indicates that the burning of coal in areas north fo the Huai River is causing a loss of 5.5 years of life expectancy for the 500 million residents who live there. Click the image above to read the paper in PNAS. It is NOT behind a pay-wall. Louise Watt in Huffington Post also has …