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11 January 2019

Friday fold: more from Utah

For the final Friday fold of 2018, we return to Utah’s Slate Canyon, where “Mountain Beltway” reader Octavia Sawyer shares an anticline with parasitic folds shaped like “sea serpents.”


23 November 2018

Friday fold: loopy limestone in Utah

The countryside near Provo, Utah yields a terrific Friday fold in an outcrop of Cambrian limestone.


28 September 2018

Friday fold: Big Cottonwood Fm., Slate Canyon, Utah

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for a fold. Today we head to Cottonwood Canyon, Utah, with reader Octavia Spencer, for a lovely antiform.


9 March 2018

Friday fold: Raplee Monocline

It’s Friday! Let’s head to Utah for a guest Friday fold photo – a river rat’s view of the Raplee Monocline!!


11 December 2015

Friday fold: Nice gneiss from Salt Lake, Utah

Another guest Friday fold… this one from my colleague Tiffany Rivera of Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, the one who brought you yesterday’s thrombolite pictures… Tiffany writes that these shots come from a man-made boulder field / berm along the lake. The boulders were these beautifully folded gneisses. Antelope Island exposes some of the oldest rocks in the Salt Lake valley, but I don’t know the geology out …


9 December 2015

Thrombolites of the Great Salt Lake, Utah

I saw mention of thrombolites exposed along the shore of Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake the other day in my Facebook feed; because the description cited a professor at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, I prompted my friend and colleague Tiffany Rivera, also a geology professor at Westminster, to go check it out and get me some bloggable photos. As it turned out, she already had – …


2 December 2013

Monday Geology Picture: Double Rock Arch and Sky

For this week’s “Monday Geology Picture” post I thought I’d share a picture that I took in Arches National Park in Utah back in 2005. This picture shows a rock feature known as “The Double Arch”. Stunning, isn’t it? I apologize that blogging has been somewhat light recently. Work and a few other matters have been keeping me quite busy. However, I have a few more substantive posts in the …


20 February 2012

Monday Geology Picture: Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah

I don’t have much time to blog today, but here’s a pretty picture of Delicate Arch. I hope everyone is having a happy President’s Day!