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21 July 2014

Monday Geology Picture(s): Rocks Flanking the Entrance to the Smithsonian Natural History Museum

My apologies for the light blogging recently. I was traveling in the US for three weeks, and now I am traveling for work for 6 weeks. I will do my best to blog when I can, but blogging may continue to be light for a little while longer since I’m currently working 12 hour shifts in the field. However, when I return in September I will be taking some time …


9 June 2014

Monday Geology Picture(s): More Petrified Wood at Kirstenbosch Garden

My apologies again for the light blogging recently. My day job as an industry geologist has been keeping me extremely busy over the past couple of months. However, on Friday my husband and I are to the US for a much-needed three weeks of vacation, including spending time with friends and family whom we see far too rarely. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in a little time for blogging …