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30 April 2018

Monday Geology Picture: Another View of Fish River Canyon, Namibia

This week I’m sharing another view of Fish River Canyon in Namibia. This week’s picture shows the canyon as viewed from the start of the hiking trail. In the foreground you can see the very start of the hike: a steep path downwards with some safety chains. Also check out last week’s picture, which was taken at the bottom of the canyon.


23 April 2018

Monday Geology Picture: Fish River Canyon, Namibia

This week I’m sharing a picture from Fish River Canyon in Namibia. This remote and beautiful canyon has some stunning geology – I’ll blog more about it when I have a chance. Back in 2016 I hiked the canyon over 5 days with a group of good friends. I highly recommend the trip, although you should make sure that you’re really fit since I found the backpacking to be quite …


20 April 2018

Friday fold: Isoclinal in Damaraland

A guest Friday fold from Graham Andrews of West Virginia University: Graham describes this as an almost along axis view of a huge isocline in the Damaraland belt, Namibia Thanks for sharing! And a happy Friday to all.


23 February 2018

Friday fold: some Google Earth views of Namibia

We return today to the scene of last week’s Friday fold, for it turns out that you can see some additional awesome folds from outer space (via Google Earth). Do not adjust your monitor: these patterns mean show up a stark and wavy reality!


16 February 2018

Friday fold: Zerrissene turbidite system, Namibia

The University of Maryland’s Jay Kaufman makes our Friday fold happen by sharing some images of folds from the Zerrissene turbidite system of northwestern Namibia.


19 June 2017

Monday Geology Picture: Bogenfels Arch, Sperrgebiet, Namibia

I’m up in Namibia this week, so I thought it would be appropriate to share a picture that I took over the weekend of Bogenfels Rock Arch, which is located in the Sperrgebiet region of Namibia. I previously posted a similar picture back in 2015. See that post for some more information on the arch and the Sperrgebiet.


9 January 2017

Monday Geology Picture: A Sand-Filled Room in Kolmanskop, Namibia

For this week’s “Monday Geology Picture” here’s a picture of a spectacular sand-filled room in a house in the ghost town of Kolmanskop, Namibia. I visited this diamond mining ghost town back in 2014, and you can find more pictures from that visit here. If you ever visit Namibia I highly recommend a visit to Kolmanskop!


2 January 2017

Monday Geology Picture: Desert Migmatite

I was a little sporadic with my “Monday Geology Picture” posts in 2016. I’ll try to be more consistent in 2017! To start off, here is a shot of a lovely little hill of migmatite in the town of Lüderitz, which is located at the edge of the Namib desert in the beautiful country of Namibia. I took this picture when I was up in Namibia back in 2014. Happy New Year… and …


21 December 2015

Monday Geology Picture: Namibian Night Sky

My husband and I spent some time doing field work in the Sperrgebiet region of Namibia earlier this year. We camped out in the desert for a few days. We spent our days looking at some fantastic geology, and we spent our nights looking at some fantastic views of the night sky. We were quite far from any towns, so we had very little light pollution and could see many …


22 June 2015

Monday Geology Picture(s): Bogenfels Rock Arch, Sperrgebiet, Namibia

Pictures of the impressive Bogenfels Rock Arch in the fascinating and magical Sperrgebiet of Namibia.


23 February 2015

Monday Geology Picture: Pink Pan

Apologies for the recent gap in my blogging. I’ve been busy travelling for work, and our home internet connection was not working for a couple of weeks. We’ve also been suffering from regular power outages here in South Africa. Anyway, to make up for my recent quietness, I’m sharing a spectacular picture for this week’s “Monday Geology Picture” post. This picture was taken close to the border between South Africa …


9 February 2015

Monday Geology Picture: Kolmanskop from Above

Apologies for the short hiatus in my blogging. I’ve been travelling and generally very busy with work these past two weeks. However, I have another “Geology Word of the Week” post coming up soon, so stay tuned! Today I want to share another view of the abandoned diamond mining town of Kolmanskop. I’m currently in Namibia for business, and I flew over Kolmanksop earlier today and managed to snap a few …


8 December 2014

Monday Geology Picture: Sand Sign at Kolmanskop

For this week’s “Monday Geology Picture” I’m sharing another picture from Kolmanskop, an abandoned diamond mining town in Namibia. Many of the buildings at Kolmanskop have been partially filled with sand. You can see more of my pictures from Kolmanskop here. When you drive along the paved road near Kolmanskop, you pass a roadside warning sign that says “Sand”. I suppose that the sign is warning drivers about sand covering the …


19 November 2014

Kolmanskop in Pictures

Last month I spent some time in Namibia for work. During one of my days off, I was able to spend some time visiting Kolmanskop. Located in the Namib Desert a few miles outside of the seaside town of Lüderitz, Kolmanskop is a “Ghost Town” that is the remains of a former diamond mining town. Kolmanskop was founded shortly after diamonds were discovered in the region in 1908 and was abandoned …