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30 July 2022

Well-preserved mudcracks in Belt argillite, Glacier National Park, Montana

Fresh from the field, Callan shares a quintet of beautifully preserved desiccation cracks in Mesoproterozoic Belt Supergroups sediments, exposed in Montana’s geological gem, Glacier National Park.


24 December 2016

A wondrous transformation

It’s bonfire season here in the Fort Valley. I live in a forest, and that forest is full of dead and downed wood. Motivated by a desire to (a) reduce forest fire risk and (b) clear out some of the area under the trees for unobstructed recreation, I gather it up and periodically burn it off in batches. We time these blazes to the weather – before or after after …


21 May 2011

Blast from the Past: Element Talk Show

Atom Unit Report Booklet. Element Talk Show page. Note volcano lamp, James Randi picture, andartwork (by Randi’s talented partner) in the background. Click to enlarge. I’ve been sorting through more boxes today (trying to finally pack up all my books and notes!), and I’ve found a box that contains reports, drawings, and other assignments from my elementary school days. I can’t date most of these reports exactly, but they are …