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17 July 2016

Glacier Bay Landslide in Alaska: a satellite image and new videos

A new satellite image and two new videos are available of the enormous Glacier Bay landslide in Alaska, which occurred a few weeks ago


3 July 2016

Lamplugh Glacier rock avalanche: A massive new landslide in Alaska on Tuesday

On Tuesday 28th June a 150 million tonne landslide, the Lamplugh Glacier rock avalanche, occurred in Alaska. This enormous landslide travelled 10 km across the ice.


11 April 2016

The Tyndall Glacier landslide: images from the University of Alaska Fairbanks

Chris Larsen from the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks has released a set of aerial images of last year’s Tyndall Glacier landslide and tsunami in Taan Fjord in Alaska. This was the largest historic landslide in North America.


24 February 2016

Annapurna: a large rock avalanche on 23rd Feb?

News reports in Nepal today suggest that a large, dry landslide occurred yesterday in the Annapurna region of Nepal. Was this a rock avalanche?


27 January 2016

Landslides in Chile 4: The Punta Cola rock avalanche in Aysén Fjord

Triggered by the Mw 6.2 Aysén earthquake in Chile on 21 April 2007, the Punta Cola rock avalanche has a volume of 22.4 million cubic metres


21 January 2016

Landslides in Chile Part 3: the Meson Alto rock avalanche

The Meson Alto rock avalanche is a 4.5 cubic kilometre landslide located in a tributary of the Maipo Valley high in the Andes of Chile.


20 January 2016

Landslides in Chile Part 2: Las Cortaderas

High in the Andes in central Chile lies the Las Cortaderas Landslide complex, the most recent portion of which was triggered by an earthquake in 1958


2 January 2016

The Tyndall Glacier landslide in Alaska: the largest recorded non-volcanic landslide in North America

In October 2015 the 72 million cubic metre Tyndall Glacier landslide in Alaska generated a significant tsunami that swept down the Taan Fjord.


17 December 2015

First news of a rock avalanche on Mount James Turner yesterday

Drew Brayshaw has tweeted images of a dramatic large rock avalanche that occurred on the flanks of Mount James Turner yesterday


9 November 2015

Big news on the Tonzang landslide in Burma – probably the largest non-seismic landslide for a decade?

Colin Stark & Goran Ekstrom have found the seismic record for the Tonzang landslide in Burma. At 395 million tonnes it may be the largest non-seismic landslide for a decade


20 October 2015

The Mount Steele rock avalanche: more details from the seismic data

Further analysis of the Mount Steele rock avalanche in the Yukon of Canada shows that the landslide had a volume of about 20 million cubic metres


19 October 2015

First announcement: a giant rock avalanche on the flanks of Mount Steele in the Yukon last week

I can reveal here for the first time that last week a giant rock avalanche was detected by Colin Stark and Goram Ekstrom on the flanks of Mount Steele in the Yukon, Canada


13 October 2015

The Deep Lake landslide in Montana

The Deep Lake landslide in Montana is a giant prehistoric rockslide that has created a large lake in the Beartooth Mountains