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15 July 2015

The Judgement Cliff Rock Avalanche in Jamaica

In June 1692 the Port Royal earthquake triggered the Judgement Cliff Rock Avalanche in Jamaica, killing at least 19 people


5 May 2015

The Langtang ice and rock avalanche in the Gorkha Earthquake

Satellite imagery and on site reports suggest that the Langtang ice and rock avalanche occurred when a block freefell about 700 m before fragmenting to generate a blast of ice, rock and air.


8 July 2014

Komansu rock avalanche: a landslide with exceptional runout

The new paper by Robinson et al. 2014 describes the Komansu rock avalanche in Kyrgyzstan. This is an exceptionally large landslide that traveled about 28 km


19 June 2014

The Devdoraki landslide: a new set of high quality images

Amazing new images have been made available of the Devdoraki landslide, which affected the Dariali Valley in Georgia a month ago


10 June 2014

Ferebee Glacier: another rock avalanche in Alaska

Pilot Drake Olson has identified another rock avalanche in Alaska, this time on the upper reaches of the Ferebee Glacier


1 May 2014

Annapurna plateau: more on the Seti River rock avalanche

I have been asked to provide more detail on why I think the Seti River rock avalanche reached the gully system at the edge of the Annapurna plateau


30 April 2014

The Seti River landslide disaster in Nepal: two years on

The Seti River disaster in May 2012 was caused by a large rock slope collapse from the Annapurna massif. What have we learnt since the initial analyses on this blog?


16 April 2014

Arroumd – an interesting rock avalanche in Morocco

In a new paper, Hughes et al. (2014) have shown that there is a the remains of a large rock avalanche at Arroumd in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Dating suggests that this might have been triggered by an earrthquake on a nearby fault about 4500 years ago.


17 March 2014

Mount Haast: A GNS report on the 2013 rock avalanche (which is also known as the Mount Dixon rock avalanche)

GNS Science in New Zealand have made available online a report into the January 2013 rock avalanche on Mount Haast / Mount Dixon


13 March 2014

The Mount La Perouse landslide: new images

Marten Geertsema has kindly made a set of images of the Mount La Perouse landslide available. These were collected during a field visit last week.


25 February 2014

Mount La Perouse rock avalanche: more images

Satellite images and additional photographs are now available of the Mount La Perouse rock avalanche. This is a big landslide – runout distance is >7 km


22 February 2014

Mount La Perouse: Sunday’s rock avalanche in Alaska has been found

Helicopter pilot Drake Olson has found the rock avalanche that occurred in Alaska on Sunday. It is on the flank of Mount La Perouse.


20 February 2014

Breaking news: a very large landslide in Alaska on Sunday

Using seismic data, Colin Stark and colleagues have detected a new, very large landslide in Alaska on Sunday. At about 68 million tonnes, this may have been the largest natural landslide since 2010


7 February 2014

The Seti River debris flow in Nepal – what was the role of the smaller landslide downstream?

An review of the role that the smaller landslide played in the Seti River debris flow in Nepal in 2012, which killed 72 people


25 January 2014

The Seti River rock avalanche in Nepal – a new image from the International Space Station

An astronaut from International Space Station has captured a stunning photograph of the Seti River landslide in Nepal


16 January 2014

Aoraki / Mount Cook: A new survey of its height after the 1991 landslide

A GNS / University of Otago expedition has just resurveyed the height of Aoraki / Mount Cook after the 1991 rock avalanche. The mountain has lost 30 m.


31 August 2013

Another large rock avalanche in Alaska

Colin Stark and Goran Ekstrom have detected another spectacular rock avalanche in Alaska. It occurred on 25th July near to Mount Jarvis.


22 March 2013

A very important new paper – detecting large landslides using seismic data

Goran Ekstrom and Colin Stark have today published a paper in Science on the detection of large landslides using seismic data. This provides the potential to create a catalogue of these events and to analyse, for the first time, their dynamics


14 March 2013

Managing landslide hazard – an example from Franz Josef in New Zealand

A recent paper (Barth 2013) has highlighted a deforming slope near to Franz Josef in New Zealand. This rather nicely highlights the difficulties of assessing the hazard in steep mountain terrain


24 February 2013

An intrepretation of the Mount Dixon rock avalanche in New Zealand using satellite imagery

This post provides an interpretation of the Mount Dixon rock avalanche using NASA EO-1 ALI imagery collected shortly after the event. It shows that the landslide went through a dramatic transition from rock avalanche to sliding