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6 February 2017

New climate index based on atmospheric pressure produces more accurate predictions of storm wave conditions

A method based on the north-south atmospheric pressure gradient along the Atlantic coast of Europe could lead to enhanced forecasting of extreme wave conditions and increased preparedness within coastal communities, a new study suggests.


Bova Marina – an interesting retaining wall failure video

On Saturday the landslide induced collapse of a large retaining wall at Bova Marina in Italy was captured on video and posted to Youtube


27 December 2016

The Safeland project reports on landslide hazard and risk management

The full set of project reports about landslide hazard and risk management from the EU FP7 Safeland project are now available online once more.


8 December 2016

Civita di Bagnoregio: the worlds first landslide museum?

In the small historic village of Civita di Bagnoregio is located what may be the worlds first museum dedicated to landslides


21 November 2016

Siirt in Turkey: a desperate race to save the lives of miners buried in a landslide (with a video)

On Thursday a large rockslide in a copper mine at Siirt in Turkey buried 16 miners. Remarklably, the landslide appears to have been recorded on a video.


13 November 2016

Asakveien: a deadly quick clay landslide in Norway on Thursday

On Thursday afternoon a quick clay landslide occurred at Asakveien in Norway, tragically killing three Lithuanian forestry workers


8 November 2016

Recent increases in the retreat rate of chalk cliffs in southern England

A new study published in PNAS has examined the long term retreat rate of chalk coastal cliffs in S. England, finding that the erosion rate has increased by an order of magnitude in modern times


4 November 2016

The Nera River landslide triggered by the Norcia earthquake

The Norcia earthquake last weekend triggered the Nera River landslide, a 600,000 cubic metre rock slope failure that blocked the river


Landslides from the Norcia earthquake sequence in Italy

Salvatore Martino has kindly provided an update on landslides triggered by the M=6.5 Norcia earthquake in Italy this weekend


1 November 2016

Another novel way to manage rockfall hazard: blasting the slope with gunfire from a tank

Authorities in Switzerland have hit upon a novel way to manage rockfall hazard by blasting it with heavy gunfire from a tank


26 October 2016

Leaving the University of East Anglia

Today is my last day at the University of East Anglia before I take up my new role at the University of Sheffield next week


20 October 2016

The Aberfan tragedy – what happened next?

Events after the Aberfan tragedy are remarkable. The Tribunal robustly criticised the National Coal Board for their behaviour during the proceedings, but they still extracted £150,000 from the disaster fund to clean up their own mess


19 October 2016

Aberfan: The National Coal Board failures part 2

The official Tribunal for the Aberfan disaster strongly criticised the National Board for their failure to manage water in the spoil tip that failed


18 October 2016

Aberfan: the National Coal Board failures part 1

The tribunal into the Aberfan disaster robustly criticised the National Coal Board for their failure to learn from a number of previous significant landslides in spoil heaps, including some at Aberfan itself


17 October 2016

The Aberfan Disaster: a simple guide to what happened

A simple guide to what happened on the day of the Aberfan disaster, which killed 144 people, most of them children, 50 years ago this week


14 October 2016

Aletsch landslide: significant acceleration of movement

The movement rate of the Aletsch landslide in Switzerland has increased significantly in the last few days, and is now about 80 cm per day


7 October 2016

Landslides in Art Part 28: Cantata Memoria – in memory of the Aberfan Disaster

Cantata Memoria is a musical composition by Karl Jenkins, released today, in memory of the October 1966 Aberfan landslide disaster in South Wales,


5 October 2016

Aletsch: a major developing post-glacial rockslide

A major post-glacial rockslide is developing on the flanks of the Moosfluh above the Aletsch Glacier in Canton du Valais in Swizerland


20 September 2016

A science story that just won’t die: the Canary Island Megatsunami scare rears its head once more

Like a zombie that refuses to die, the Canary Islands megatsunami scare story has once again re-emerged to the normal hysterical headlines


6 September 2016

Landslides in Art part 27: Louise Collis

Landslides in Art part 27: Louise Collis This is part 27 of my occasional Landslides in Art series – see the links at the bottom of the page for some earlier editions, including Part 26, Robyn Collier.  This time I am featuring a painting by the artist Louise Collis entitled Blaina Landslide. Louise is a landscape artist based in South Wales.  She describes herself as follows: Based in the South …