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11 August 2017

Planet Labs imagery of landslides triggered by the Jiuzhaigou Earthquake

Planet Labs have very kindly made available before and after imagery of the landslides triggered by the Jiuzhaigou earthquake in China on 8th August 2017


10 July 2017

Spectacular landslide videos from Arunachal Pradesh in India

As the monsoon intensifies across Asia, a series of landslide videos have been published from Arunachal Pradesh in India and from China


28 June 2017

New landslide video: a large slip causes panic in China

A video has appeared on Youtube and Liveleak showing a landslide that caused panic in mainland China in the last few days


26 June 2017

Xinmo landslide: an update

More information and imagery has emerged about the 8 million cubic metre Xinmo landslide in China, which killed over 100 people on Saturday


25 June 2017

Xinmo: the massive landslide in Sichuan Province yesterday

An 8 million cubic metre landslide struck the town of Xinmo in Sichuan Province, China on 24th June 2017, killing an estimated 133 people.


11 May 2017

Taiwan landslide hotspots: changing patterns through time

Taiwan landslide hotspots: a new paper shows changing patterns through time in response to the extreme Typhoon Morakot event in 2008


22 February 2017

The 170 km/h Sanxicun landslide in Sichuan Province, China

In 2013 the catastrophic Sanxicun landslide in Sichuan Province in China killed 166 people. A new paper suggests that it reached a peak velocity of 170 km/h


9 February 2017

Review of a paper: the Dongla Landslide in Sichuan, China

In a new paper in landslide, my colleague Lis Bowman and her co-authors describe the reactivation by bridge construction of the Dongla landslide in China


22 January 2017

Nanzhang County, Hubei: 12 killed as a hotel is crushed by a rockslope failure

On Friday night a major rockslope failure in Nanzhang County, Hubei, China crushed a hotel, killing 12 people and injuring three more.


23 December 2016

Jiuhaocha in Pingtung County – more on the impacts of landslides on a mountain village

A blog by C-Y Chen in Mandarin provides details of the long history of landslides at Jiuhaocha Village, Pingtung County in Taiwan


22 December 2016

Jiuhaocha: an example of the extraordinarily dynamic landscape of Taiwan

The aboriginal village of Jiuhaocha in the Central Mountains was destroyed by typhoon Morakot in 2009, illustrating the dynamic landscape of Taiwan


25 October 2016

Structures in the Aru Mountains giant avalanche deposits

The new satellite start-up, Planet, have collected satellite imagery of the second Aru Mountains avalanche in Tibet, allowing initial analysis of the flow


11 October 2016

The Sucun landslide: missed opportunities to protect the village

The Sixth Tone has published two articles evaluating the missed opportunities to prevent the Sucun landslide disaster in China, which killed 27 people last week


4 October 2016

The Sucun Village landslide in China and prospects for landslides in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew

The Sucun Village landslide in China killed 27 people, whilst there are worrying prospects of landslides in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew


3 October 2016

The location of the Rizhao rockslide in Shandong

Thanks to various friends the location of the very dangerous and large Rizhao rockslide in Shandong, China last week is now clear


28 September 2016

Rizhao rockslide: a narrow escape in a new public park in Shandong, China

On Saturday a large rockslide occurred at a brand new public park in Rizhao in Shandong, eastern China. The event appears to have been a lucky escape.


15 August 2016

Luoyang, Henan province: first reports of a major tailings dam failure in China

Reports and images are emerging from China that show a major tailings dam failure at the Henan Xiangjiang Wanji works at Luoyang in Henan Province


5 August 2016

The Jishi Gorge landslide, China: an earthquake-induced landslide that changed civilisation?

In a paper published in Science today, Wu et al (2016) report on the Jishi Gorge landslide in China, which may have been responsible for the creation of the Xia Dynasty as a result of a catastrophic flood on the Yellow River that occurred when it breached.


16 July 2016

Ya’an City, Sichuan: a video of a very near miss

A video has appeared on Youtube showing a very near miss between a landslide and a crowded bus in Ya’an City, Sichuan, China. Quick thinking by the driver avoided catastrophe


28 June 2016

New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering report on the Kumamoto Earthquake

The New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering have produced a very nice reconnaissance report on the impacts of the Kumamto Earthquake in Japan with a very nice interpretation of some of the landslides triggered by this important event.