24 January 2014

How to Bore Everyone with Science

Posted by Olivia Ambrogio

An Ignite talk, "Space is BORING." Photo by Flickr user Kevin Baird.

An Ignite talk, “Space is BORING.” Photo by Flickr user Kevin Baird.

By Olivia V. Ambrogio

Have you ever had a sneaking suspicion that, no matter how interesting you find your studies or results, others might be less than electrified by them?

You’re probably right.

Danish biologist Kaj Sand-Jensen argues that the culture of and expectations around scientific-paper writing can turn talented and interesting writers into dull ones, producing articles that—no matter how fascinating the topic—are deathly to read.

Want to know what you’re doing right—er, wrong?

Read Sand-Jensen’s paper, How to write consistently boring scientific literature (Oikos vol. 116), and let us know if you agree.


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– Olivia Ambrogio is an AGU Strategic Communications Specialist and coordinator of AGU’s Expert Outreach Network