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12 February 2018

Juneau: a very large rockslope failure in Alaska in December 2016

A large rockslope failure occurred at Cowee Creek near to Juneau in Alaska in December 2016, inducing a 9 m high, 90 m wide displacement wave that travelled at least 13 km down the valley


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2 February 2016

Landslides in Chile Part 5: Water waves triggered by landslides and the Mentirosa Island Landslide complex

The Mentirosa Island landslide complex comprises four tsunamigenic soil-rock slides in Patagonia, Chile, with a combined volume of 8 million cubic metres.


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18 March 2009

38 years ago today – the Chungar landslide in Peru

Today is the 38th anniversary of a notable landslide – the Chungar rock avalanche in Peru. This landslide occurred on the banks of Lake Yanahuani (sometime spelt Lake Yanahuin), about 120 km north-east of Lima (see image below): The landslide, which had a volume of about 100,000 cubic metres, is shown on the image below. Unfortunately the Google Earth image resolution is low in this area, but you can see …


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