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20 October 2009

Updates on the Nile River (Naches) landslide

Clearly the Nile River (Naches) landslide has effectively dropped off the media radar now. However, there are some excellent ongoing posts on this slide on the Sliding Though blog, which the is the Washington State landslide blogsite. You can access these posts here:http://slidingthought.wordpress.com/


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16 October 2009

The Naches / Nile River landslide and the role of the quarry

Spectacular image of the Naches / Nile River landslide, from the Washington State DNR Flickr site Hat tip to Andrew Giles for pointing this out to me. The Seattle Times have run an article today about the role of the quarry in the triggering of the Naches landslide. They quite rightly point out that there is no firm evidence either way as to whether the quarry played a role or …


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13 October 2009

So what caused the Naches landslide?

The Naches landslide, as I reported in my post yesterday, is a somewhat intriguing failure. The weather conditions were dry, the rivers are in low flow conditions, and there has not been an earthquake that could have caused the failure. So what happened? A clue may be in the landslide type. Several reports have suggested that the initial failure was a rotational slide. I am struggling slightly to get a …


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