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9 May 2019

Rock avalanche mobility is controlled by the characteristics of material in the path of the flow

A new study in the journal Engineering Geology indicates that a key control on rock avalanche mobility is the characteristics of the material along the path


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17 March 2016

The Val Strem rockslide – a dramatic long run out landslide in Switzerland

On Monday night the Val Strem rockslide thundered off the Cuolm is da Vinci in Switzerland. This dramatic rockslide travelled about 1 km down the valley


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9 September 2015

West Salt Creek Landslide: Colorado Geological Survey report

The Colorado Geological Survey has produced a detailed report on the 2014 West Salt Creek landslide, which killed three men. Surprisingly, this was a high mobility rock avalanche that initiated as a rotational landslide.


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15 January 2009

Intriguing long runout landslide in Death Valley

Thanks to reader Gregory T. Farrand who brought my attention to a very intriguing feature located in Death Valley in California. This is a feature that was first identified and mapped as a long runout landslide by Michael W. Hart. Greg and Michael, together with Brian Olson and Phil Shaller, are currently studying this slide, which they are terming the “Eureka Valley Landslide”. The source rocks for the landslide are …


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