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29 October 2021

The mobility of a rolling volcanic boulder

A remarkable video from the Cumbre Vieja eruption on La Palma shows the high level of mobility of an almost spherical boulder moving on a slope with few obstructions. Indiana Jones could face a greater hazard is Raiders of the Lost Ark is ever remade.


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12 July 2017

Understanding the La Palma mega-landslide hypothesis: part 1

This is the first of a number of posts exploring the La Palma mega-landslide and tsunami hypothesis. This post explores the main structural features.


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4 July 2017

La Palma – initial images of the “mega-landslide”

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to visit the island of La Palma. I have posted some initial images of the site of the Cumbre Vieja “mega-landslide


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