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11 February 2021

High resolution Planet Labs imagery of the Chamoli landslide in Uttarakhand

High resolution Planet Labs SkySat imagery of the source of the Chamoli landslide in Uttarakhand in India on Sunday


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29 January 2014

The Keystone Canyon avalanche in Alaska, and its large ice-dammed lake

The Keystone Canyon avalanche, a very large snow and ice avalanche on the Richardson Highway in Alaska has blocked the road and impounded a lake


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2 June 2013

The physics of snow and ice – two videos

Two new videos of snow and ice on the move, which illustrate aspects of the physics of landslides


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11 January 2012

A wonderful iceberg arch collapse video

An amazing, and beautiful, video of an icerberg arch collapsing in Antarctica


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30 November 2009

Slumps caused by thawing ground on Mars and Earth

The Planetary Geomorphology Working Group of the International Association of Geomorphologists has a rather nice article online comparing the landforms caused by slumping during thawing of the ground with similar features that have been seen on Mars. The article is available here:http://www.psi.edu/pgwg/images/dec09image.html On Earth, thaw slumps occur in permafrost areas like Alaska. This is an oblique aerial image of these features, taken from the site above: The Natural Resources Canada …


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