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3 November 2020

Williams Lake: 1 million cubic metre, damaging landslide in Canada

Williams Lake: On 31st October 2020 a 1 million cubic metre landslide, triggered by heavy rainfall, occurred in British Columbia, Canada


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7 January 2020

Trimingham: a large landslide in complex glacial deposits

On 6 January 2020 a large coastal landslide occurred at Trimingham in north Norfolk, eastern England. This is an area of complex glaciotectonic deposits that control the style of landsliding.


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5 November 2018

Another major glacial debris flow blocked the Yarlung Tsangpo river in Tibet

Following initial analysis by @rajfortyseven, Planet Labs images show that another major glacial landslide blocked the Yarlung Tsangpo river last week


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22 August 2018

High resolution imagery of the Pashgor debris flow in Afghanistan

Planet Labs have collected high resolution satellite imagery showing the track and impact of the debris flow that struck the village of Pashgor in Afghanistan in July 2018


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19 July 2018

Ishkoman, Pakistan: a valley blocking glacial debris flow this week (updated with satellite imagery)

Various reports suggest that there was a major glacial debris flow in the Ishkoman Valley in the Gilgit region of northern Pakistan on Tuesday. This appears to have left the river blocked and a lake has developed


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