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24 July 2020

The deadly start to the monsoon season in Nepal

The first few weeks of the SW monsoon in Nepal has seen large numbers of landslides. By 20 July the number of fatal landslides had already exceeded the average annual total for the last 15 years.


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8 April 2018

Fatal landslides in 2017

A first analysis of fatal landslides, and the resultant deaths, in 2017. In terms of the number of events, 2017 was the third worst year since I started collecting data in late 2002. In total, 453 different landslides killed 4,164 people.


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8 June 2015

The Mount Kinabalu rockfall on Friday

The Mount Kinabalu rockfall on Friday, induced by a M=6.0 earthquake, is now known to have killed 19 people, including school children from Singapore


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