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29 October 2008

Highway 97 latest update

The latest update on the Highway 97 landslide in Canada (see here and here) is as follows: The slope is still moving. Between 19:00 on Monday and 14:00 on Tuesday the mass moved about 15 millimetres (i.e. about 0.8 mm per hour). This is quite high for a large mass. The rate of movement is described as being constant; The mobile volume is now estimated to be 200,000 cubic metres; …


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27 October 2008

Interesting slide on Highway 97 in Canada

Thanks to Andrew Giles for bringing this one to my attention. Highway 97 in British Columbia is currently being upgraded through the Okanagan Valley (Fig. 1). This project is being undertaken by Arthon – their project website describes this as: “Four lane roadworks and 1,000,000 m3 rock removal over a 7 km section of BC’s main north-south highway corridor. The B.C. Ministry of Transportation awarded Arthon Contractors Inc. a $38.6 …


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