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22 May 2020

Edenville Dam breach: interpreting the failure

As improved images and information become available, it is becoming possible to gain a better understanding of the cause of the Edenville Dam breach


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29 March 2016

Sparmos Dam – a significant dam failure in Greece on Sunday 27th March

On Sunday 28th March 2016 the Sparmos Dam in Greece underwent an overtopping and breach event, damaging local fields and roads


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14 December 2015

Fort McPherson: a catastrophic mudflow in Canada

In the summer a permafrost mudslide caused the partial breach, caught on video, of a small lake near Fort McPherson in Canada.


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3 June 2010

Attabad appears to have shifted to the next stage

In brief, the discharge at Attabad appears to have dramatically increased in the last few hours, as the graph below shows: I am trying to find out more information, but it appears to have shifted to a new phase of activity.  Inflows and outflow may be approaching a balance.  Downstream communities need to be very alert now. More as soon as I get it.


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