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2 March 2012

The cause of the Oak Creek landslide in Wisconsin

The outcome of an investigation into the We Energies landslide at Oak Creek is now available. The report indicates that seepage from an unlined pond may have been a significant contributing factor.


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19 April 2010

Some reflections on the Eyjafjallajoekull ash cloud

Over the weekend I have been watching and reading the media response to the aviation ban resulting from the Eyjafjallajoekull ash cloud, and reading some of the online discussions.  I would like to make four observations from a natural hazards perspective: A. This event is the result of a “perfect storm”.I have been surprised by the lack of reflection by the media, including by some scientists (see below), that the …


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6 January 2009

The Tennessee flow slide accident – what went wrong?

The fallout from the recent flowslide accident at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) Kingston power plant in the USA on 22nd December, which I highlighted here, continue. There is an increasing sense that this was an unacceptable failure (it is hard to argue with that) and that it was lucky that there was not a loss of life in the accident. This AP image is a good starting point as …


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24 December 2008

Ash flowslide at Knoxville, Tennessee

A few months ago Shaanxi Province in China suffered a dreadful flowslide when the dam holding back mine wastes collapsed, releasing an avalanche of material onto the town below. About 260 people were killed. On 22nd December, what appears to be a similar failure occurred at Knoxville in Tennessee, USA, when the retaining wall holding back coal ash from the Tennessee Valley Authority Kingston Steam Plant in Harriman power station …


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