23 December 2010

FM 2010: A real marathon…and then some

Posted by mohi

The 2010 AGU Fall Meeting is done, and now I know what a marathon it really is.  Actually, it’s more like a marathon and a half.

The grand total?  A whopping 43.52 miles!!  Those are miles logged in the hallways of Moscone West and South as well as trips to the Marriott Marquis, a few (very few) dinners away from the Union Square area, and walking to and from my home base hotel to participate in the various activities of the meeting. Oh! And then there was the late night trip near the end of the conference to a Union Square bookstore to purchase a copy of the highly appropriate Lost Art of Walking.

The highest-mileage day?  Tuesday, which included multiple trips between the two Moscone facilities and the Marriott as well as a lovely walk to Chinatown and back for dinner.  Wednesday was a close second, thanks to the Fun Run/Walk.  The lowest days? Saturday, when I flew to San Francisco, followed by Sunday, when I spent the bulk of the day in the Council meeting. The most challenging part?  Trying to get to consecutive presentations, from one in Moscone West 3010 to another in Moscone South 104.  (I **almost** made it.) The other big challenge?  Walking up California Street from Kearney to Powell.  Those hills are steep!  (Okay, I admit that I actually felt virtuous doing that climb.)

My curiosity is now sated, and I am home–and can put my feet up.

–Barbara Richman, Editor in chief, Eos