17 December 2009

Get Your FREE AGU Coloring Book!

Posted by Michael McFadden

AGU Coloring Book!This year, AGU has a new special publication: Exploring Earth and Space, a 16 page coloring book that you can get for free at the AGU booths in Moscone South.

I can’t wait to give one to my nephew–he is a smart and inquisitive kid who is always peppering me with questions about the Earth after he found out that I’m a geoscientist. I remember his first set of questions: “What do you do?” he asked. “I study the Earth,” I replied. “What about the Earth?” he asked.

I decided to be Socratic: “Well, when you play outside, what do you see?” “Trees!” he replied. “But on the ground?” I asked. “Grass!” “But under the grass?” “Dinosaur bones!” “Er…ok but around the bones?” “Dirt!” 🙂

I know, I know–geoscientists study more than just dirt. That’s why the coloring book is perfect for kids like my literally-minded nephew. Written with an attempt to keep ideas simple, and illustrated by AGU staff member Peter Gordon, the book gives kids a quick and fun intro to geosciences, emphasizing that geophysicists study and observe things they see now to understand what might have happened in the past and predict what may happen in the future.

Inside AGU's coloring book!For example, “Scientists studying rain learn about today’s weather and climate.” the book states. Above the text are puffy clouds shedding raindrops. Turn the page, and you see an igloo nestled in snow drifts, with the caption, “To learn about what the weather and climate were like a long time ago, scientists study ice and snow.”

On the last page is a word search with words such as Earth, mountain, Moon. And kids can scan and send their favorite drawing to [email protected] for a chance to have their picture posted on AGU’s Web site!

My nephew will LOVE this. Perfect stocking stuffer!

–Mohi Kumar, AGU Science Writer