11 December 2009

Fall Meeting is just days away!

Posted by Michael McFadden

This year, AGU’s Fall Meeting will feature:

  • 1293 sessions,
  • 15,516 presentations scheduled (click here for a breakdown of abstracts by subject),
  • 24 town hall meetings,
  • 16 section and focus group named lectures,
  • 18 press conferences,
  • a talk given by Marcia McNutt, director of USGS,
  • an awards ceremony to honor geoscience’s best and brightest,
  • film screenings of two documentaries,
  • program books printed on recycled paper,
  • a shuttle fleet to transport you between Moscone and your hotel that runs on biodiesel fuels,
  • Blogging, twitter updates, Flickr and Facebook posts,

and much more! Plan your itinerary now!

Stay tuned for blog posts written by scientists, students, journalists, and staff.