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November 28, 2017

Rookies at Sea

Have you ever been on a field trip to the middle of the Southern Ocean? Well, we – Peta Vine, Sam Wines, Ajinkya Koleshwar and Rhiannan Mundana – have done exactly that by participating in the CAPSTAN Program.


September 8, 2017

NOW! Update #3: Solar storm sparks aurora, disturbs GPS and HAM radio

This evening Earth was slammed by a blast of high-energy particles that erupted from a monster solar flare on Wednesday. Scott Sutherland shared the moment on Twitter…


Update #5: Hurricane Irma strengthening, watch some cool visuals

As Hurricane Irma barrels through the Caribbean and towards the mainland U.S.A., AGU wants to keep you updated with what scientists are talking about now. Check back for updates on science happening now from Eos staff writer JoAnna Wendel and science writer Larry O’Hanlon.