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21 December 2010

Good Scientific Papers 101

We planned for 25 attendees. Then raised it to 35. Then 50. Last week’s luncheon talk on writing a good scientific paper, given at AGU Fall Meeting by Renyi Zhang (an editor of JGR-Atmospheres), was overflowing with attendees!

Dr. Zhang covered everything from what makes a good abstract to how to prepare figures to how to respond to reviewers’ comments. The audience of mostly graduate students and postgrads took lots of notes, asked detailed questions, and enjoyed a good lunch. Their response to the session was so positive that we hope to expand this event next year so there is room for even more people to take the first step toward publication.


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17 December 2010

Highlights of journal editor board meetings

This year, more than 19,000 people attended Fall Meeting through numerous presentations, poster sessions, lectures, and town halls. But behind the scenes there is a business side to the conference, where the editorial boards of AGU’s journals meet to discuss future plans with each other and AGU staff.


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