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28 March 2012

Mount Etna’s fiery fountains measured

Italy’s Mount Etna has had a busy year doing what volcanoes do best — erupting and providing volcanologists and sightseers alike with a fiery show. Armed with a new technique to determine lava volumes, researchers can now add up the amount of material that made up the impressive volcanic displays last year.


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16 December 2010

Hot lava on the move? Maybe not…

Seismic waves emanating from a volcano may be an ominous sign that hot lava is on the move. But then again, maybe not.

Signals resonating from a subterranean pipes system gushing with hot lava should be very different from the signals generated by crushing rock. And they are–but only if you are recording the event close enough to the source. From far away, the signals appear very similar, and one can be easily confused for the other.


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