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29 July 2015

Dusty comet releases mysterious clumps

Images of an unusually dusty comet have revealed strange streaming clumps that could hold the secrets to how comets create their beautiful, sweeping, striated tails.

Comet C/2011 L4 barged into the research of solar physicist Nour E. Raouafi when he was studying the sun using images from the SECCHI/HI-1 telescope aboard the solar-observing spacecraft STEREO-B.


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15 July 2015

Greenland’s fjords are far deeper than previously thought, and glaciers will melt faster, researchers find

West Greenland’s fjords are vastly deeper than rudimentary models have shown, allowing intruding ocean water to badly undercut glacier faces, which will raise sea levels around the world much faster than previously estimated. Those are the findings of a University of California-Irvine-led research team that battled rough waters and an onslaught of icebergs for three summers to map the remote channels for the first time.


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