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18 November 2020

Argaga: the major rockfall on La Gomera on 14 November 2020

Argaga: two impressive videos of the major coastal rockfall on the Spanish island of La Gomera on 14 November 2020


4 June 2020

Looking for southern Appalachian rockfall scars using a high-resolution LiDAR dataset

I was able to find what I believe to be a few examples of “boulder tracks” using outstanding LiDAR hillshade imagery from the North Carolina Geological Survey. All features shown occur in generally gneissic bedrock on extensively forested slopes that have been logged within the last century.


3 April 2019

The complexity of the timing of rockfalls

High resolution monitoring of a natural rock slope in the southern Japanese Alps has provided insight into the complexity of the timing of rockfalls


18 June 2016

Using climbing guides to examine changes in rockfall activity in the European Alps

In a recent paper, Temme (2015) has used descriptions of rockfall risk in Alpine climbing guides to examine the effects of climate change on the degradation of permafrost and the resulting increased occurrence of rockfalls.


30 March 2016

Rockfall triggering on warm days in exfoliating landscapes

In a new paper in Nature Geoscience, Collins and Stock (2016) have shown that thermal expansion can be a key factor in rockfall triggering in Yosemite


30 September 2015

Rockfall and landslide damage in the Port Hills from the Christchurch earthquake sequence

Demolition has started of properties damaged by landslides in the Port Hills area of Christchurch during the 2010-2011 earthquakes. This post shows some of the photographs that I took shortly afterwards.