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15 October 2021

Indications of landslides on Google Street View

The El Arrecife Landslide in Spain provides an excellent example of the way in which Google Street View can be used to help understand the movement of landslides that affect roads.


5 May 2020

The Sardoba dam failure: flood routing

Satellite imagery from Planet Labs shows that the flood from the Sardoba Dam failure inundated a very large area, damaging farm land and communities.


12 September 2019

Landslides during the construction of the Morehall and Broomhead reservoirs in Sheffield

During construction of the Broomhead reservoir, near Sheffield, in the 1920s and 1930s, a large, deep-seated landslide caused major problems


28 May 2018

Another landslide at the Ituango dam site in Colombia

On Saturday another landslide happened at the Ituango dam site. This was a smaller failure above a slope that has been cut and mitigated. 1500 workers were evacuated from the site, but no-one was injured. The integrity of the dam was not apparently threatened by this event.


21 May 2018

The Hidroituango crisis: complete evacuation of a number communities

The Hidroituango crisis in Colombia: a number of communities have now been evacuated, whilst operations to raise the crest of the dam continue. At the moment the situation appears to be mostly under control