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9 April 2021

Weather Satellites Do Far More Than Monitor Weather. They Watch Volcanoes Too

The La Soufrière volcano on St. Vincent has rumbled to life and the loop below shows the second of two eruptions today. This is a dangerous volcano. It killed over 1000 in 1902 and it is a stratovolcano. Those are the ones that go BANG, unlike the shield volcanoes in Hawaii that spread runny lava everywhere. The last eruption was in April of 1979, and let’s hope this one is …


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23 April 2015

Amazing Time-Lapse of Calbuco Volcano in Chile

This video speaks for itself: Check out the image at sunset from the NY Times twitter feed. Also Andy Revkin has more info here.


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7 September 2014

Volcanic Shock Wave from Papua New Guinea

Turn up the sound, and watch. Isn’t geology cool!


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