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16 July 2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson & Stephen Colbert Talk About Pluto

What happens when two of the best science communicators eat a Klondike Bar and talk about Pluto. Watch and see. Oh, and yes I called Colbert a great science communicator, and here is why.


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23 March 2015

Neil deGrasse Tyson Rocks 60 Minutes

In case you missed it, Neil deGrasse Tyson was profiled on CBS’s 60 Minutes Sunday, his attention grabbing interview explaining in itself why he is America’s best science communicator. He mentions at the start something I wrote about back in 2009, the most famous photo ever taken, and the stunning impact it has had on how we see ourselves since. The interview on 60 Minutes is below, in case you missed …


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11 March 2014

Want the Cosmos Calendar?? It’s Here!

UPDATE: You can get a LARGE jpeg image for printing HERE. Cosmic Calendar_CONVERTED


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