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2 December 2015

The Coming Winter Part Two: The Elephant in the Room

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM Ask me what the Northern Hemisphere winter will be like, and I can easily tell you. As a matter of fact, It’s a slam dunk!  It will be WAY above normal. I’ll say the same for the whole planet for December through January. As a matter of fact, rising greenhouse gases in our atmosphere make it quite likely that the U.S. will see an above average …


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4 April 2013

NASA Satellite Measures The Effects Of Greenland Block That Stopped Spring

I mentioned the North Atlantic Oscillation in a recent blog post. The Arctic Oscillation is closely related to the NAO and many meteorologists often use the two interchangeably. The AO and NAO have been in a deeply negative phase for several weeks and this has brought unseasonably cold weather to Eastern North America and Western Europe. So cold, that a Ohio prosecutor indicted a Pennsylvania rat (AKA Punxsutawney Phil) for fraud, after a prediction …


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